Until the 11th of September
Before the Storm

The exhibitions

until September 18, 2023

Tacita Dean

Close Tacita Dean, Sakura Study (Taki I), 2022

The Bourse de Commerce - Pinault Collection has invited Tacita Dean to design a new exhibition in its spaces in resonance with the "Before the storm" exhibition that is unfolding in the museum.

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  • Film
    Les vendredis soir et le 1er samedi du mois à 19h

    Derek Jarman
    The Garden

    Derek Jarman, The Garden
    Close Derek Jarman, The Garden

    Artist, director, screenwriter, musician, actor, and gay rights activist Derek Jarman (1942–1994) is one of the figures who left his mark on British punk and European culture.

  • Concert
    Le 17 juin

    keiyaA + Dawuna

    keiyaA et Dawuna

    The Bourse de Commerce will host an evening featuring keiyaA and Dawuna, two artists at the forefront of New York’s R&B scene. American designer Dozie Kanu is creating the stage design for the concert.

Upcoming exhibitions

From October 13, 2023
to February 19, 2024

Mike Kelley

Mike Kelley, Kandors
Close Mike Kelley, Kandors

This artist who defies categorization is among the most influential of the late twentieth century. His work formulates a critique of American society and its aberrations, oscillating between trashiness and a pop aesthetic, juggling between high culture, popular culture, and counter-culture.

Mike Kelley, Kandors
Close Mike Kelley, Kandors

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“Architecture as a hyphen between the past and the present, where heritage and contemporary creation converse”. Tadao Ando

From the remains of the ancient grain exchange to the white walls of the new contemporary art museum, from painted decors to shuttered concrete walls, the Bourse de Commerce is revitalized after an exceptional three-year-long renovation project. 

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