Family tour
Close Clément Vayssières
Every Saturday at 11.15 a.m

Family tour

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Entrance ticket + 5€ per participants (children and adults)

(Free with the Membership Pinault Collection card)

For accompanied children aged 6 to 12. Every Sunday at 11:15 a.m, upon reservation (in French only). 

The "Architecture" tour (1h) – until 17 March

This tour takes visitors on an astonishing journey through the building's five centuries of history and architectural transformations. Although the Bourse de Commerce is now a museum, this was not always the case. Guided by a team of educators, young visitors and their parents are invited to step back in time and discover all the secrets of this unique building!

"What a circus!" (1h) – from 24 March

Explore the exhibition Le monde comme il va with your family. The works you’ll discover play with the reality around us and transform the Bourse de Commerce. Everything is distorted before our very eyes: the artists disguise themselves as characters from the circus or theatre, reinvent everyday objects, challenge our sense of balance, and create brilliant works that send our heads into a spin and make us lose all our bearings!