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Un samedi sur deux à 15h

Sow the seeds, reap the rain
The exhibition workshop

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Starting 18 February

12€ (free with the Membership Pinault Collection card) 

The exhibition workshop (1h30)

For 6–12 year-olds (unaccompanied). Every other Saturday, and Saturdays during school holidays at 3 p.m. 

"Sow the seeds, reap the rain”

In this workshop children will be able to make a rain stick! A small instrument filled with seeds, which sounds like a rain shower, a waterfall. After observing the unity and diversity of seeds in order to understand what botany calls “varieties”, the participants will choose their instruments’ sound properties from the possibilities offered by the living world. They will then set off to explore the exhibitions with their sound sticks! The echo of their explorations will enliven the museum’s spaces... and may even wake up some of the works.

Booking required. Price: €12 (free with the Membership Pinault Collection card) 

This activity takes place in French for unaccompanied children, parents can visit the museum by booking an exhibition ticket. The Bourse de Commerce reserves the right not to accept a child if their age is incompatible with the workshop, so please check the age range that is indicated.

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