Photo : Filip Preis
Close Photo : Filip Preis
September 21

Sofie Birch et Antonina Nowacka

Concert in the Rotunda, with free wandering.  The Bourse de Commerce is hosting two concerts in the Museum Rotunda, which the French artist Philippe Parreno has transformed into a space out of time for the exhibition A second of eternity.    For two evenings, the work Echo2 will move – the heliostats, deprived of sunlight, will droop towards the azure blue floor, the giant fan will stop turning, the sound wall will freeze, and the screen will go into sleep mode – and other situations will appear:   On September 21st, le duo of Sofie Birch and Antonina Nowacka will present their delicate and contemplative compositions. Presented in collaboration with Unsound, the experimental music festival held in Krakow, Poland.   On September 26th, sound artist FUJI||||||||||TA will perform his meditative, introspective soundscapes. 

Sofie Birch and Antonina Nowacka Danish composer Sophie Birch and Polish singer Antonina Nowacka met in the summer of 2021 in Warsaw during a night-time performance that was fully improvised. The music was harmonious, Antonina Nowacka’s voice insinuating itself perfectly into Sophie Birch’s ambient sound. They met again a few months later at the Unsound music festival in Krakow for a morning concert in a 19th century synagogue, where their music really came together. Last winter, they decided to record compositions in Copenhagen; sacred in nature, the pieces celebrate nature’s marvels.     At the Bourse de Commerce, they will premiere their album Languoria, on which Antonina Nowacka’s abstract and spiritual vocalisations gracefully intertwine with Sofie Birch’s sonic quests.  


Unsound is a platform for contemporary, experimental music. The main festival is held every year in Krakow, Poland. Other events are held in New York City, Adelaide, Toronto, and London. On 16 October 2022, Unsound is releasing, together with the label Mondoj, Sofie Birch’s and Antonina Nowacka’s album Languoria.