Courtesy of FUJI|||||||||||TA
Close Courtesy of FUJI|||||||||||TA
September 26


Concert in the Rotunda, with free wandering. 

The Bourse de Commerce is hosting two concerts in the Museum Rotunda, which the French artist Philippe Parreno has transformed into a space out of time for the exhibition A second of eternity.   

For two evenings, the work Echo2 will move – the heliostats, deprived of sunlight, will droop towards the azure blue floor, the giant fan will stop turning, the sound wall will freeze, and the screen will go into sleep mode – and other situations will appear:  

On September 21st, le duo of Sofie Birch and Antonina Nowacka will present their delicate and contemplative compositions. Presented in collaboration with Unsound, the experimental music festival held in Krakow, Poland.  

On September 26th, sound artist FUJI||||||||||TA will perform his meditative, introspective soundscapes. 

FUJI||||||||||TA, a sound artist living in Japan, creates pieces that express a desire to produce new sounds and noises that have never been heard before. In 2009, he built a unique DIY instrument – an organ consisting of 11 pipes but no keyboard – which releases slow melodies that have been conceived as soundscapes. Since then, FUJI||||||||||TA has enhanced his relationship to this instrument, exploring its tonal colours and by overlaying his voice. He is also interested in the sound of water, out of which he has made an instrument by building a series of tanks in which he amplifies the element’s sonorities. 

FUJI||||||||||TA’s performance at the Bourse de Commerce will combine organ, voice, water, and subtle electronics.