Close Courtesy of the artists.
December 3

Exotourisme by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster and Perez

The Bourse de Commerce — Pinault Collection presents Exotourisme, a musical project by the artist Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster and the musician and performer Perez, an artistic collaboration that began in 2017, inspired by the film Blade Runner and the French Cold Wave of the 1980s. 

Dominique Gonzalez Foerster

An experimental artist based in Paris, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster has, since 1990, been exploring the different modalities of sensory and cognitive relationships between bodies and spaces, real or fictitious, up to the point of questioning the distance between organic and inorganic life . Metabolising literary and cinematographic, architectural, and musical, scientific and pop references, Gonzalez-Foerster creates “chambres” and “interiors”, “gardens”, “attractions” and “planets”, with respect to the multiple meanings that these terms take on in the works of Virginia Woolf or Nathaniel Hawthorne, the Brontë sisters or Thomas Pynchon, Joanna Russ or Philip K. Dick. This investigation of spaces extends to a questioning of the implicit neutrality of practices and exhibition spaces. Her “mises en espace”, “anticipations” and “apparitions” seek to invade the sensory domain of the viewers in order to operate intentional changes in their memory and imagination. Haunted by history and future, Gonzalez-Foerster’s works become containers where the artist incubates a form of subjectivity that does not yet exist. Through multiple international exhibitions, short films, productions, and concerts, Gonzalez-Foerster’s mutant work contributes to the invention of new technologies of consciousness. Paul B. Preciado


Since 2013, Perez has composed a French-style pop music infused with electronic music and inspirations taken from New Wave, R&B, the House of Chicago, and the New York experimentations of Laurie Anderson, Panda Bear, and Suicide. Whether he is collaborating with Strip Steve or Mathilde Fernandez, being remixed by Chloé, Arnaud Robotini, or Pilooski, or himself remixing Bagarre or Lizzy Mercier Descloux, his productions weave together an intimate sense of pop with a disquieting strangeness and an unbridled dance music.

With his singular voice within the French musical landscape, as one can hear on albums and EPs released by DIRTY (Cramer, 2013), Barclay (Saltos, 2015), and his own label Etoile Distante (Cavernes, 2018, and SUREX, 2020), Perez oscillates between naturalism and a sombre surrealism. Open to all disciplines, his practice has involved visual arts in his performances and installations (Opéra Garnier in 2016, Palais de Tokyo in 2017, FRAC Île-de-France in 2018, and Lafayette Anticipations in 2021). He often collaborates with artists such as Saâdane Afif, Ange Leccia, and Flora Moscovici. In April 2022, Perez will open his first exhibition as a visual artist at the Onde de Vélizy Arts Centre, together with artist Elisa Pône.

Curated by Caroline Bourgeois.