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Evening event
May 18

European Night of Museums

The event is sold out. Tickets will be on issued at the box office on the evening of the event, subject to availability.

The Bourse de Commerce – Pinault Collection, inaugurated in May 2021, will be taking part in this year’s European Night of Museums for the third time to date. Visitors will be admitted free of charge from 7pm to midnight on Saturday, May 18. So don’t miss this special opportunity to discover the magnificent interior of this historical monument and its current exhibition: Le monde comme il va (“The World As It Goes”). 

Free admission to the building and exhibitions: prior reservation required

Come in and discover the history and architecture of the Bourse de Commerce. Viewed from the outside, the building is an “architectural UFO”, forming a perfect circle, the only one of its kind in the Parisian cityscape. So enter its hallowed halls for a breathtaking journey across five centuries of architectural history and structural transformations. Discover the building’s grand, recently restored murals and preserved vestiges of the past, juxtaposed with contemporary architect Tadao Ando’s radically modern and meditative revamp of the interior for the Pinault Collection.

The exhibition, called Le monde comme il va (“The World As It Goes”) after a philosophical tale by Voltaire, is entirely made up of works drawn from the Pinault Collection, which are equally divided up into two periods: the late 20th century (1980s and ’90s) and the early 21st century (since the year 2000). Whether political or just closely observant, provocative, somber or sober, these two generations of contemporary artists are acutely conscious of the present day and age in their takes on the excesses and paradoxes of the postmodern world. Their works reflect and refract the turmoil and the sense of profound disorientation that characterize the times we live in.


  • Let's talk about art!

Our guides help make these works of contemporary art more accessible, suggesting ways of looking at them and providing edifying insights and information. They’ll also take any questions you may have during your visit, so you won’t miss out on the beauty and key details of the artworks on display as well as the storied setting in which they are shown.

  • Family visit: What a circus! 

Explore Le monde comme il va (“The World As It Goes”) with your family. The works of art featured in this exhibition play with our reality and interact with their setting, metamorphosing the Bourse de Commerce building itself in the process. Everything is changed, even distorted, before your very eyes: the way the artists disguise themselves in their works as circus or stage characters and reinvent everyday objects is bound to knock you off balance, make your head spin and make you lose your bearings!

Duration : 30 min

7pm/7.15pm/7.30pm for children aged 6–12 accompanied by an adult.Tours start in the Salon.

Free admission, subject to availability.No reservation required.

  • Culture & Diversity Foundation

As part of our educational partnership, the Bourse de Commerce – Pinault Collection and the Culture & Diversité Foundation are inviting a group of schoolchildren from the “Equal Opportunity” programs to view the exhibitions up close and attend public readings, tours and discussions held in the exhibition rooms, right in front of the artworks. So come and see for yourself.

Open all day in Gallery 7. Free admission, subject to availability. No reservation required

  • Online app

Accessible via QR code, our free online app (no download required) will accompany you during your visit to provide a wide range of supplementary content. So let the artists themselves and the exhibition’s curators guide you through the exhibits. Immerse yourself in the “sound bubbles” of the audio series The People of the Bourse for a journey across five centuries in the history of the Bourse de Commerce, a historical monument in the heart of the Halles district of Paris.