portrait of Frank Hurricane. Photo Maria Baranova. Courtesy MoMA PS1.
Close Portrait of Frank Hurricane. Photo Maria Baranova. Courtesy MoMA PS1.
April 26

Still House Plants + Frank Hurricane

The Bourse de Commerce — Pinault Collection invites country singer and guitarist Frank Hurricane for a special concert. The evening ends with the band Still House Plants.

In a nod to the kinship of blues and country music with the works of American artist Charles Ray, to whom the museum is dedicating a solo exhibition, Hurricane has been invited to play on the stage of the Auditorium of the Bourse de Commerce. The legend of this American musician and storyteller of blues and spiritual folk is such that many have heard his name years before they hear his music. In the manner of the cult Texan songwriter Daniel Johnston (1961–2019) he sings as it comes, drawing us into an intimate world of sound. Like a road movie, his songs tell of the thousands of miles he has travelled in the American mountains and the mysterious people he has met along the way. Mixing country music with rap and raw poetry, Frank Hurricane often delivers verbal preambles to his songs. Without affectation, he shares with the audience the genesis of his compositions.

The group Still House Plants, formed at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland in 2013, is made up of guitarist Finlay Clark, drummer David Kennedy, and vocalist Jessica Hickie-Kallenbach. The trio creates fractured, cutting music influenced by garage and punk. Combining deep melodies, slow tempos, minimalist arrangements, and sampling they develop a sound that continually breaks apart and merges. In concert, Jessica Hickie-Kallenbach’s voice fills the space. Their second album Fast Edit (2020) is a collage, written using mobile phones, dictaphones, computer recordings, conversations, and concerts. Still House Plants were the recipients of an artist residency at Cafe OTO in London. They are currently working on their third studio album.   

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Photo Still House Plants
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