Slausone Malone
Close Gillian Garcia
16 May

Slauson Malone 1 presents The Stone Breakers

The Bourse de Commerce presents a concert by Slauson Malone 1, a musical project by Los Angeles artist and musician Jasper Marsalis that explores the possibilities of crossing popular music with artistic performance.

Slauson Malone 1 presents his new performance The Stone Breakers in the Auditorium, for which he has borrowed the technique of exposure therapy from behavioural psychology to blur, if not disintegrate, the established boundaries between performance and audience, punctuating his musical pieces with unexpected sounds and words. He is accompanied for this performance by his long-time music collaborator, cellist Nicholas Wetherell, as well as two French musicians, Florent Pujuila on clarinet and Raphaël Martin on tuba, both whom he met for the first time as part of this project.

Slauson Malone made his debut in 2019 with the acclaimed A Quiet Farewell, 2016-2018 (Crater Speak). In 2023, he released the album Excelsior, a dense suite of collages of hip-hop, jazz, and drones.

This event is part of a collaboration with the German museum Haus der Kunst. On 24 May, Slauson Malone 1 presents The Stone Breakers at Haus der Kunst in Munich. Since 2023, from Paris to Munich, the two institutions have been unveiling joint musical projects, bringing together different generations of avant-garde artists and forging links between contemporary art and music.