Fragments, Noé Soulier © Alexandre Guirkinger
Close Fragments, Noé Soulier © Alexandre Guirkinger
Film screening
From September 30 to October 2

Noé Soulier presents Fragments

As part of the Paris Autumn Festival, Noé Soulier's film Fragments, presented on Thursday, September 29, is shown in a loop in the Auditorium on Friday, September 30 and Saturday and Sunday, October 1 and 2.

To access the Auditorium, reserve your exhibition ticket.

Fragments explores movement as experienced through the lens of the camera. It forms part of the research into movement that the choreographer has been conducting since 2010.

The particular spaces that framing creates, depending on its angle and dimensions, allow us to explore aspects of movement that would otherwise be invisible on stage. Viewers are given access to a level of detail in the articulation of different parts of the human body and in the overlay of dancers that is impossible to notice during a performance, which offers only one viewpoint. It is this possibility of visually isolating different parts of the body which express multiple affects that Fragments wishes to reveal, within and outside the frame. The film represents a new exploration of the fragmentary quality of the human body and its power of evocation. 

Noé Soulier

Noé Soulier (born in Paris in 1987) is a choreographer and the director of the CNDC National Dance Centre in Angers since July  2020. His work explores choreography and dance from a variety of perspectives, including the stage, museum spaces, and theoretical reflection. His series of choreographed pieces Removing (2015), Faits et gestes [“Facts and gestures”] (2016), and Les Vagues [“The Waves”] (2018) activate viewers’ corporeal memories through movements towards objects or events that are absent from the stage, in suggestion of more than what is being shown. In projects such as the book Actions, mouvements et gestes [“Actions, movements, and gestures”] (Éditions du CND, 2016) and the performance Mouvement sur mouvement [“Movement on movement”] (2013), he analyses different ways of conceiving movement to multiply our experiences of the human body.  The choreographed exhibition Performing Art (2017) at the Centre Pompidou overturned the customary position of dance within the museum by putting the exhibition on stage, transforming the preparators into performers and the installation of the works into a choreography. Noé Soulier has thus developed a practice that is at once highly conceptual and also deeply rooted in movement.

Credits for Fragments 

A film by Noé Soulier

Featuring Stephanie Amurao, Lucas Bassereau, Meleat Fredriksson, Yumiko Funaya, Nangaline Gomis, and Nans Pierson

Image and sound: Cristian Manzutto

Assistant: Laetitia Striffling

Costumes: Chiara Valle Vallomini

Post-production: Firm Studio Montage, Camille Guyot

Colour grading: Nicolas Gautier

Re-recording mixer: Capitaine Plouf, Sébastien Cannas

Production: CNDC–Angers

Coproduction: La place de la danse – CDCN Toulouse

with the support of Onda - Office national de diffusion artistique as part of the Ecran vivant program

Coproduction : Bourse de Commerce – Pinault Collection ; Paris Autumn Festival

With the support of Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels

Duration of the film: 17 minutes