Keiji Haino
Le 26 avril

Keiji Haino

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The Bourse de Commerce presents a concert by Japanese guitarist and singer Keiji Haino, an emblematic figure on the Japanese experimental noise scene. He brings his intense, tortured, radical and unpredictable sonic explorations to the Auditorium.

Keiji Haino is a Japanese musician born in 1952 in Chiba, Japan. He initially devoted himself to theatre, inspired by the radical writings of the French poet and actor Antonin Artaud (1896-1948), until he discovered The Doors via their song When The Music's Over, which decided him to become a musician. He immersed himself in a vast spectrum of musical expression, from primitive blues to medieval European music. In 1970, he became the lead singer of the avant-garde rock group Lost Aaraaf, named after a poem by the American poet Edgar Allan Poe (1808-1849), before forming the experimental rock group Fushitsusha in 1978. During these years, he learned to play the guitar and several percussion and traditional instruments and recorded his first solo pieces. After a break in the 1980s, he alternated between solo and collaborative projects since 1988, combining rock, noise, improvised music, and drone.