Portrait de Grouper. Photo Garrett Grove.
Close Portrait of Grouper. Photo Garrett Grove.
April 16


In response to Well and Truly, exhibited in Gallery 2 of the museum, the Bourse de Commerce — Pinault Collection proposes to celebrate the work of the American artist Roni Horn, on the theme of water, her favourite element. 

The American musician Liz Harris—whose musical projects appear under the name Grouper—has been searching for water all her life. She grew up facing the Pacific Ocean in Bolinas, California. The ocean, a powerful and chaotic expanse, is essential to her; water runs through and irrigates her music.  Her latest album, Shade, released in autumn 2021, is a collection of unfinished songs composed and written over the past fifteen years. These contemplative pieces are shot through with memories of the North American coast, of places transformed by the power of river mouths, sea storms, and columns of twilight mists. Grouper takes the listener into the depths of the oceans with stripped down, whispered, guitar-driven ballads layered with hypnotic ambient music. 


Grouper is the stage name of musician, artist, and producer Liz Harris, born in 1980 in Northern California. Grouper’s recordings reflect her taste for the experimental and combine ambient, psychedelic, and folk music. She constructs a unique world with a mysterious and moving atmosphere characterized by haunting tones. Grouper released the highly acclaimed Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill in 2008, followed by numerous other albums including A I A (2012) and the intimate Grid of Points (2018). 


Due to the war in Ukraine and especially the latest events in Kiev the duo Yana Pavlova & Pavel Milyakov has decided to cancel all their upcoming concerts. We offer them our full support.