Atoui, The Ground, 2019 (détail)
Close Atoui, The Ground, 2019 (détail). Photo : Aurélien Mole
June 25 & 26

THE GROUND Sessions — Tarek Atoui's performances
Tarek Atoui's performances

Franco-Lebanese artist and composer Tarek Atoui is organizing several days of performances based on his work THE GROUND, on display in the Foyer of the Bourse de Commerce.

This space is served by the staircase that winds around the concrete cylinder allowing access to the various floors of the Bourse de Commerce. Tarek Atoui’s work was exhibited for the first time in Europe, at the 2019 Venice Biennale and also at Guangzhou and Singapore, and is the result of five years of travel, investigation and observation, in the Pearl River Delta, China. Here, he studied traditional and contemporary agricultural, architectural and musical practices.

Conceived in two stages, THE GROUND is a participatory work when activated by the artist, whether alone or accompanied by guests.

Tarek Atoui

Tarek Atoui, born in Beirut in 1980, studied electro-acoustic music in France. He has performed his sound art creations around the world, on the instruments and spatial devices he designs, sculpts and installs, making his work as a visual artist, a musical matrix. To modulate the incredible sounds and compose, Atoui begins by posing and modelling the space where his pieces will vibrate. Under his fingers, sound reveals itself as a material to be sculpted, and the visible finds a voice. His collaborative works are nourished by research on the history of music, a reflection on performance as a dynamic of fulfilment, and the relationship, at play in the installation, between the specific and the general.