Close © Tarek Atoui. THE GROUND SESSIONS, Performance réalisée à la Bourse de Commerce, Paris, 2021. Courtesy de Pinault Collection. Photo Leonard Mechineau.
August 27

« THE GROUND SESSIONS » — Tarek Atoui's performance

Thanks to the staircase that unfurls around the concrete cylinder, and which crosses through the entire Bourse de Commerce, the Foyer that hosts Tarek Atoui’s piece, exhibited for the first time in France, becomes the theatre for THE GROUND SESSIONS.

THE GROUND is a sonic sculpture, organised in polyptychs and is the fruition of five years of travel, investigations and observations in China, where the artist studied traditional and contemporary agricultural, architectural and musical practices. The piece becomes participative when it has been activated by the artist, either alone or with guests. For this second series of performances at the Bourse de Commerce, as well as the Auditorium and Foyer, Tarek Atoui will also invest the Rotonde.

Tarek Atoui

After studying electro‑acoustic music in France, Tarek Atoui (born in Beirut in 1980) has played his creations of sonic art throughout the world, on spatial instruments and set-ups which he conceives, sculpts and instals, turning his work as a visual artist into a musical matrix. To compose, Atoui models the space where his pieces vibrate. His collaborative works feed on research into the history of music, reflections about performance and listening. Thanks to his sonic machines and sculptures, Atoui musically delivers a political discourse, exposing the expressive and demanding power of an instrument.