Great Mini Week-end
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The Great Mini Week-end
Child-Friendly Contemporary Art

Discover the museum through a free programme that includes workshops, games, storytelling and surprises! The activities are free and according to the available places. Throughout the morning, the teams of mediators  will also welcome you in all the spaces of the museum with many surprises.  
Brought to life by the Bourse de Commerce museum educators, these activities are designed so that that tiny tots (from 3 to 5 years old) and older children (6 to 12) may explore the museum hand in hand. Le Terrain d’Aventures des Halles, the playground situated right behind the museum, will be involved in the event from 10am to 1pm. 

For this first edition of A Week-end With your Family by the Bourse de Commerce, and linked with the exhibition « Une seconde d’éternité », the programme plays around with star signs: from the sun to the moon, with a detour around planet Earth and its elements (water, air, earth and fire). The museum will become a fantastic territory that must be explored. 

The Programme at the Bourse de Commerce   

Clément Vayssière

Great games   

  • The Sundial (20 min)

Passageway, ground floor      
10:15 / 10:30 / 12:00 / 12:30 / 13:30  

A game that’s connected to the 24 showcases brought to life by French artist Bertrand Lavier. Akin to the 24 hours in a day, enjoy an entertaining game, and discover the exhibitions, the works and the week-end’s activities.   

  • 1.2.3 Soleil(s)! (20mn)  

Rotonda, ground floor  
10:15 / 11:00 

Related to Écho2 by Philippe Parreno, the work presented in the Rotonda, this fun moment plays around with the principles of that schoolground game, Grandma’s Footsteps  (also known as Red Light, Green Light). It’s the sun’s turn to make fun of us, and the rules of the game evolve. Observe, feel, discover and learn,  having fun all the time!  

Choreography workshop 

Dance with the Suns (1h)

Rotonda, ground floor    
11:30am to 1pm 

A collaborative choreography workshop for families in the middle of the Rotonda and of the work Écho2 by Philippe Parreno. You’ll enjoy mirror games and playing with light and colour using heliostats (little creature-suns that got themselves stuck onto the walls of the cement cylinder)... Nature,  machines and the bodies of participants are all creative agents! 

Flash tours 

At the Mini Salon, on the way into Gallery 7, on the second floor 
Leaves every 30 minutes  

  • Write on the Walls! (20mn) - About the work of Rudolf Stingel, in Gallery 7
    From 10:15am on
  • Flying Fish  (20mn) - About the works of Philippe Parreno, in Gallery 7. 
    From 10:30am on 
  • The Empty Shell (20mn) - About the works of Pierre Huyghe, Carrie Mae Weems and Sturtevant. 
    From 10:30am on  
Clément Vayssière

Fun activity

The Story with no Ending 

At the Big Workshop, on the first floor    
Continuous, 10am-2pm   

Young visitors are invited to create their great imaginary landscape – «Une seconde d’éternité» – selecting and associating representations of elements seen in the museum on the workshop’s mind map. A collective story will be created in this way, nourished by the poems and expressions of all.  


The Great Trip (20mn)  

In the Petit Salon, on the third floor 
From 10:30am on 
Takes off every 30 minutes   

For over a century, a little boy has been living in the large painting that decorates the museum ‘s dome. One day, he decides to escape from it at long last to discover today’s world. A surprising voyage thus begins... punctuated by the works that the boy meets on his way. 

The Programme Beyond the Walls  

In partnership with the Terrain d’Aventures  des Halles  
Saturday 10 and Sunday 11, from 10am to 1pm 

Right behind the museum, the children and their families are welcomed by the Terrain d’aventures des Halles (playground) outreach team, for outdoor activities.

Great game 

The Sunflower Warm-Up (20mn) 

Meeting point on the Plaine à ballons (Ball Field) of the Terrain d’aventures des Halles (Playground) 
10:15am / 12:15am     

A programme that’ll awaken your sensations, led by a museum educator, with a warm-up to prepare your visit of the museum. Sharpen your way of looking, to prepare yourself to see; open your ears wide; and learn to collect clues, so that you can understand all the better. 

Cyanotype workshop 

Meeting point at the Forum of the Terrain d’Aventures Halles (Playground). 

  • Draw with the Sun (1h) 

11am to 12 noon      

A collaborative visual arts workshop with your family, about Liz Deschenes’s technique used in her photograms on display in the museum. Here, we become more aware of both our sensitivity to light, and of the light’s action, with the blueprint technique. After having elaborated their own creations, children are invited to a parade around the Bourse de Commerce, that holds the messages of Nature very dear.  

Terrain d'aventures


No booking. Limited to available space. 

Situated on a 2 500 square metre plot, the Terrain d’Aventures was conceived by the City of Paris to foster the development of children’s imaginary worlds, to encourage interaction and socialisation, and to have fun, in body and soul. The plot is equipped with innovative games, Mega Machines (large structures with slides) and electronic games, but also with a trampoline, a little amphitheatre, a lawn, swings and spinning tops. Here, you’re free to play, to climb, to slide, to hide and to daydream…