Danser avec les reflets
Every Saturday

The "exhibition" workshop
Dancing with reflections

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3 p.m.

In collaboration with artist Kimsooja

As part of her carte blanche for the exhibition Le monde comme il va ( “The World as It Goes”), the South Korean artist Kimsooja installed a huge mirror on the floor of the Bourse de Commerce Rotunda. With her installation To Breathe — Constellation, the artist has turned the architecture on its head, and with it the order of the world.

Based on Kimsooja’s gestural indications and led by the Bourse de Commerce's cultural mediation team, this choreographic workshop invites children aged 6 to 12 to explore this stunning work as a vast field of experimentation in which they can defy the laws of perception, marvel at the reflections of the surrounding architecture and of their bodies, and have fun with optical illusions to observe the world from a whole new perspective.

For 6–12 year-olds (unaccompanied). Every other Saturday at 3 p.m.

Book. Price: €12 (free with the Membership Pinault Collection card).