Emma JD et Pol Taburet, mai 2021
Close Emma JD et Pol Taburet, mai 2021
June 30

Emma DJ presents Godrime, LA Timpa

To close this first month of concerts at the Bourse de Commerce, experimental club music producer Emma DJ presents his first live audiovisual performance, Godrime, on the stage of the Auditorium of  the Bourse de Commerce — Pinault Collection, in collaboration with the studio Matière Noire. He will be accompanied by the visual artist Pol Taburet.


Emma DJ

Since early 2019, Emma DJ, who lives in Paris, has built a fast-growing catalogue of releases with three albums on cassette and further upcoming releases: a remarkable output for the Finnish-born DJ who has quietly forged his own aesthetic after a decade in electronic music. His productions show a clear predilection for harder, and always indescribable sounds, which is directly reflected in his DJ sets. In addition to his ever-expanding touring schedule, Emma DJ has hosted the Fusion mes Couilles nights for the past three years. Beyond the comical nature of their name, these famous underground parties have had a significant impact thanks to subtle curation and a new approach to club culture, which have earned Emma DJ and his collective a singular reputation on the Parisian scene.


Pol Taburet

Pol Taburet lives and works in Paris. He was born in 1997 and studied at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts de Paris-Cergy (ENSACP). His first solo exhibition took place recently in the project space of the Balice Hertling gallery where he presented his paintings featuring half-human, half-animal characters borrowing from the Quimbois religion, the Guadeloupean voodoo. In 2021, he will present two solo exhibitions: one in Los Angeles at Clearing Gallery, the other in Paris next autumn at Balice Hertling.


Matière Noire

Initiated by Pierre Dagba, Felix Ward, and Jules Gorget, Matière Noire is a multidisciplinary studio exploring multiple spatial fields: a meeting of architecture, light design, and scenography.


LA Timpa

Nigerian-born producer and songwriter, LA Timpa is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Brooklyn, New York. He grew up between farmland, religion, and unchanging suburbs. In 2015, LA Timpa began to immerse himself in field recordings collected with a tape recorder on aimless walks. Everything from a cat’s meow to the sound of a falling spoon was recorded and sampled in his productions.