Daniel Blumberg + Eugène Blove
January 18

Daniel Blumberg + Eugène Blove


  • 8:00 p.m. : Eugène Blove 
  • 9:00 p.m. : Daniel Blumberg 

The Bourse de Commerce is hosting a concert by London composer and experimental musician Daniel Blumberg, who will present his latest album, GUT, in the Auditorium. The evening opens with a new live set by interdisciplinary French artist Eugène Blove, who will be accompanied on stage by four backup singers. 

In 2018, Daniel Blumberg released his first solo album, Minus, which moves between melody and improvisation. In May 2023, he release the very raw and personal GUT, which features six tracks recorded as a continuous sequence. It reveals a captivating, radical inner world sustained by his soaring voice and a minimalist range of drum machines and synthesisers. 

Eugène Blove, a former member of the experimental rock groups Post and None, released his second album As If in September 2023 on the label Firecamp. This seven-track sonic enigma explores the fragmented zones of modern dark pop and dysfunctional electronica, in which muted abstraction, aggressive electronica, and melancholy neo-folk bump into one another. 

While Blove usually performs alone, alternating between guitar, piano, voice, and percussion, he will be accompanied at the Bourse de Commerce by four backup singers: Bonnie Banane, Paul Loiseau, Calamity, and Johana Beaussart.