From February 4
to April 30, 2022
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This exhibition interrogates the way in which artists approach, explore and appropriate the essential question of voyaging or traversal, a metaphor of our human evolution. It shows systems of representation that refer to the state of the world or the way in which artists help us to understand the problems at stake at a time when the very future of humanity is open to question. 

The title of the exhibition, Jusque—là, refers to a work by the Chilean artist Enrique Ramírez, who was invited on an artist’s residency at the Pinault Collection in Lens. The hanging, which Ramírez helped to conceive, presents a dialogue between his works and a selection of pieces from Pinault Collection, representing ten artists: Lucas Arruda, Yael Bartana, Nina Canell, Latifa Echakhch, Vidya Gastaldon, Jean-Luc Moulène, Antoni Muntadas, Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Paulo Nazareth, and Danh Vo. 

Without making any claims to exhaustiveness, this ensemble comes together to offer a point of view, an experience. It reveals the concerns of artists who cross frontiers in order to deal with more universal questions by drawing on their personal memories as well as on history, on political testimony, on the embodiment of transnational political movements, on the displacement of populations and the obliteration of frontiers between the human, the animal, the vegetal, and cycles of life and death. What emerges from this is a biopolitical territory, a new frontier, mixing desire, poetry, memory and hope. The spaces of Le Fresnoy are being specially opened up for this exhibition and laid bare, the better to encourage that movement of traversal. 

Do artworks have the power to change – by displacing them – our perspective on the contemporary world? This exhibition will be a reflection on the creative act and its political meaning. To make a work is to leave a trace in time, as well as in space: history and geography, philosophy, ethics and politics are intermingled. 

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From 19 January to 14 February 2022, the Bourse de Commerce will be a hive of activity with preparations underway for the Charles Ray exhibition.
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