The museum in motion

The museum in motion

la bourse en mouvement

From 8 to 20 June, the Bourse de Commerce has been set in motion in preparation for the exhibition "Une seconde d'éternité".

From 8 to 20 June, the Bourse de Commerce has been set in motion in preparation for the exhibition "Une seconde d'éternité". The Rotunda is closed to the public during this period.

Reduced prices from 8 to 20 June

Vue d'exposition/ Exhibition view, « Felix Gonzalez-Torres - Roni Horn », Bourse de Commerce - Pinault Collection, Paris, 2022.
Close Vue d'exposition/ Exhibition view, « Felix Gonzalez-Torres - Roni Horn », Bourse de Commerce - Pinault Collection, Paris, 2022.

This dated ticket gives you access to the current exhibitions (Felix Gonzalez-Torres — Roni Horn, Stan Douglas, Dominique Gonzalez-FoersterBertrand Lavier and Stan Douglas and "Protest Sounds" until 13 June) as well as to the “flash visits” and “insight tours” about the works and the architecture.

Full price 9 €

— Reduced price 7 €: 18-26 year-olds, students, job seekers, national and regional lecturers and teachers.


For Super Cercle members and the holders of the free card for 18–26 year olds: after 4 p.m., free entry without reservation / before 4 p.m., exhibition tickets at 4.50 €. 


Enhanced mediation 

Close (c) Florent Michel

During this period, our mediation offering is being extended. 

— Insight tours about the exhibitions and architecture will be scheduled every 30 minutes.

— The mediation team will always be present for discussions and exchanges throughout the visit.


For members   
Saturday 18 June at 3pm: the members' walk invites you to the heart of the Marais for a tour of the contemporary art galleries in Paris.





A family discovery 
(without reservation, subject to availability)

jeune public

— At 3pm and 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays, the playful visit (for accompanied 5-12 year olds, duration: 20 minutes) 

Accompanied by a mediator, children and adults visit the museum together and discover the multitude of forms, materials and histories of the works presented. 

— Everyday at 11:15am and 4pm, tales from the Bourse de Commerce (for accompanied 5-7 year olds, duration: 20 minutes)

"A mouse in the museum"
A very curious little mouse has lost her way in the Bourse de Commerce. Amazed by everything that she sees around her, she is left… speechless! What’s going on in this huge space? What are all these materials and all these forms? The little mouse has so many questions. Brought to life by a mediator, the story of this smallest of visitors will guide kids and grown-ups as they discover the works presented by the Bourse de Commerce. 

"Martin's journey”
Martin is a little boy who has been living for more than a century in the large painting that adorns the museum dome. One day, he decides to escape from it so that he can finally discover the world of today. And so begins a surprising journey... punctuated by the works of art he will encounter on his way.

— A mobile children’s space
During the weekend, the mediators circulate through the museum and offer children tools to facilitate their exploration: a booklet designed by the author-illustrator Anaïs Vaugelade, games created around the works, and advice for visiting the Bourse de Commerce..


A series of musical events


Venus X

To mark the first anniversary of the Bourse de Commerce-Pinault Collection on 9 June, Venus X, DJ from the underground and queer scene in New-York, takes over the Museum Rotunda for a special Super Cercle evening. The night will commence with a set by the Parisian electronica duo of Bambounou and Low Jack.

From 13 June to 18 June, a series of concerts will be held as a prelude to the exhibition Une Seconde d’éternité, in the Foyer and Auditorium of the Bourse de Commerce, across four evenings pulsating with a spiritual, eternal, and frenetic sense of trance and questioning our notions of time and space.

— On 13 June, Chicago composer Angel Bat Dawid and the musicians from Brothahood will play a concert resembling a series of airy, sacred rites.

— On 14 June, New York group Standing on the Corner will bring its own blend of jazz, Indie rock, soul, funk, and hip-hop, with a dash of poetry and fictional radio broadcasts.

—On 17 June, Indonesian duo Gabber Modus Operandi ft. Wahono and the Ugandan ensemble Nakibembe Xylophone, veterans of the museum’s programming, will propose a live set of ultra-rapid, intense sounds in the Foyer that they first performed play in January 2020 at Berlin’s legendary club Berghain. The American duo Model Home opens the evening with its textured noise and deconstructed voices.

— On 18 June, traditional Indonesian music duo Uwalmassa will feature new and different varieties of jolting rhythms in the Foyer. Gabber Modus Operandi will once again close out the evening.