17.03.24 — 24.11.24
Punta della Dogana

Pierre Huyghe

Pierre Huyghe Untitled (Human Mask), 2014
Close Pierre Huyghe Untitled (Human Mask), 2014. Pinault Collection. Courtesy of the artist; Hauser & Wirth, London; Anna Lena Films, Paris © Pierre Huyghe, by SIAE 2023


From 17 March 2024 to 24 November 2024
At Punta della Dogana 
Curated by Anne Stenne

Punta della Dogana invites Pierre Huyghe to conceive, together with curator Anne Stenne, a new exhibition featuring a large group of works, including a selection from the Pinault Collection.

For Pierre Huyghe, the ritual of the exhibition is an encounter with a sentient milieu that generates new possibilities of interdependence between events and elements that unfold. His works are conceived as speculative fictions and are often presented as a continuity of several forms of intelligence that learn, modify, and evolve during the exhibition.

For Punta della Dogana, the artist creates his largest exhibition to date and transforms the venue into a dynamic environment, a transitory state, whose time and space, as well as everything that enters, visible or invisible, are constituents of the works.

The exhibition is a site of formation of subjectivities, either without body or embodied; they circulate and manifest themselves in unpredictable ways through the works, which become sentient relays. An unknown language is invented here, endless and with no addressee, and inhabits voices, gestures, images and generates new real or fictional situations.

Populated by inhuman, human, and non-human entities, affected by natural and artificial phenomena, the exhibition explores, in real time, the conditions for different entities to coexist, or hybridise, without hierarchical distinction or specific determination.

A major figure in questioning the relationship to non-human in art, Pierre Huyghe adopts, from his earliest work, a perspective other than human - inhuman - to reveal something beyond our comprehension, beyond our possibility of experiencing it. Pierre Huyghe challenges our perception of reality and, by constructing other possible, proposes to become foreign to ourselves.

This exhibition is presented in partnership with Leeum Museum of Art, Seoul, which will host an exhibition of Pierre Huyghe in February 2025.

Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana are open every day, except on Tuesday, from 10 am to 7 pm. Last entry at 6 pm.

One admission ticket to visit the exhibitions at Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana:
Full price: €15
Reduced price: €12

Free admission for Members Pinault Collection and visitors under 20

Free admission for residents and students in Venice: on Wednesday, on the first and last day of the exhibition.