Luca Boscardin
Saturday 10 June 2023
Palazzo Grassi

Superlab with Luca Boscardin
Playing is a serious thing


Bruno Munari's quote "Playing is a serious thing" is the starting point of toy designer Luca Boscardin's Superlab. Whether it is games for children or structures for adults, the core principle of the workshop is to leave participants free to compose, to associate and build, to interpret the use and function of objects. Using spatial design principles such as juxtaposition, interlocking, balance, participants are invited to playfully experiment and transform an illustration, concept, thought or idea. 

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Luca Boscardin
Luca Boscardin studied Architecture and Graphic design at IUAV in Venice, and now lives and works in Amsterdam as a toy designer, illustrator and icon designer for Philips. In 2016 he launched the toy brand BLUC with a collection of rocking animals, exhibited at the Vitra Design Museum and La Triennale. He has published with Corraini Edizioni Tutti in Fila and Scarti d'Italia. In 2021 he created Animal Factory, a playground for adults and children, with structures that have shapes of animals; a project that is continuing to grow in several urban parks of various European cities. He taught design at the Abadir University Academy and collaborates with training workshops at ISIA and Politecnico di Milano.