Coro Voce Specifica directed by Anna M. Civico 
Close Lygia Pape, Ttéia 1, C, 2003-2017, Pinault Collection, © Projeto Lygia Pape Courtesy of Projeto Lygia Pape. Installation view, Icônes, 2023, Punta della Dogana, Venezia. Ph. Marco Cappelletti e Filippo Rossi © Palazzo Grassi, Pinault Collection
Sunday 26 November
Punta della Dogana

Coro Voce Specifica

On the last day of the exhibition “Icônes”, Punta della Dogana hosts a concert-performance "Oscillazione" presented by the Choir Voce Specifica di Venezia.

"Oscillazione" offers a repertoire stemming from the heritage of the Italian folk culture and ancient musical tradition. Both musical areas express a sense of awe, devotion and love for nature, the cosmos, divinities and saints, giving voice to folk spirit and the Mediterranean sense of the sacred. These songs evoke sound and musical influences between East and West and their layering throughout history.

The vocals performed a cappella by the choir Voce Specifica are reshaped in a continuous timbral oscillation: from the archaic to contemporary vocal and musical realm. The oscillation occurs on many levels: from music of the oral-aural tradition to contemporary pieces. Meanwhile in terms of language, it shifts from the regional Italian dialects with Greek and Slovenian influence to Greek and Arabic.  

During the performance, the choir will move through Punta della Dogana and establish a contemplative space sound intensity changing though the rooms “Icônes" exhibition, where visitors' hearing is encouraged from unforeseen standpoints. The acoustic space will be more intense in some rooms where the songs merge with greater force and intensity with the sound and vibrations of the works on display. In this way, an immersive “soundscape" will unfold, composed of polyvocal and monodic vocals from Calabria, Friuli, Lazio, Apulia, Sicily, Veneto, Greece, and Iraq.

The Voce Specifica choir selects the most archaic chants from the musical heritage of the oral tradition and aims at highlighting the timbral qualities of each performer, by using the techniques which allow to expand and to learn more about the power of the natural voice. The choir was formed as a result of the educational programme of the C.T.R. Centro Teatrale di Ricerca Venezia. 

Choir Voce Specifica directed by Anna M. Civico

Singers: Beatrice Di Fonzo, Giulia Gatto, Giovanni Paladini, Roberta Ruggiero, Raffaele Silvestre, Luisa Torresan, Anna M. Civico.  

Credits: C.T.R. Centro Teatrale di Ricerca Venezia