Masterclass con Extragarbo
01/10 - 05/10/2021

Masterclass con Extragarbo

The cycle of Masterclasses dedicated to students and young professionals is back with three new modules conceived by Extragarbo, a platform for artistic and curatorial production founded in 2019 in Venice. The Masterclass S.A.F.E. (Strumenti per Artist* Futur* in Emergenza – Tools for Emergeing Future Artists) is a project focusing on professional training that aims to share operative tools to help young professionals navigate the professional world in the artistic and cultural field in the delicate moment when they complete their studies and start working.

Extragarbo is a platform for artistic and curatorial production founded in 2019 in Venice by Est Coulon, Cosimo Ferrigolo, Gaia Ginevra Giorgi, Edoardo Lazzari, Leonardo Schifino and Theresa Maria Schlichtherle. Among the performative projects supported by ExtragarboAcabadabra (Short Theatre 2021), Call Monica and Rovìnati (co-produced by Santarcangelo Festival). Among the curatorial projects: Il Divertimento per li Regazzi (Venezia, 2019), Isole Querelas (Santarcangelo, 2020), Disabitare (Venezia, 2020-in corso), Training for the Future (in collaboration with Sale Docks, Florian Malzacher and Jonas Staal; Venezia, 2021).

The Masterclass is divided in three modules:

Module I - Visioni futuribili e come realizzarle
Module II - Alleanze possibili e come attivarle
Module III - Istituzioni fantastiche e come costruirle