Long Playing
Monday 6 May
Monday 20 May
Monday 3 June

Long Playing

7 pm

Free admission until capacity is reached. 

The Teatrino presents a new music programme curated by Nicola Di Croce and Francesco Bergamo (SSH! Sound Studies Hub, Iuav University of Venice) with three events dedicated to the act of listening, taking its title from the standard format of a vinyl record (LP), a time unit that has marked the way music albums have been experienced and listened to since the end of WWII. Despite the evolution of media, from cassette tapes to compact discs and then to streaming, the duration of an album has always been measured against the time available on a 33 rpm vinyl. This timeframe, not exceeding 25 minutes per side, still represents the average listening span of an album. "Long Playing" brings listening back to a communal dimension, inviting to experience an musical album in a shared space. 

The programme offers a selection of original music (experimental, modern classical, ambient, drone, field recording, etc.) and is divided into three events in which listening to the albums on different media such as CD, vinyl or cassette tape is supported by a short presentation of the artists' work. 




Monday 6 May, at 7 pm

Spiralis Aurea by Stefano Pilia (Die Schachtel, 2022). 

Monday 20 May, at 7 pm

Ma by Fabio Perletta and Luigi Turra (901 Editions, 2020). 

Monday 3 June, at 7 pm

Sky Flesh by Marta De Pascalis (light-years, 2023).