Francesca Bertini, La serpe, 1920
Close Francesca Bertini, La serpe, 1920
Thursday 20 April

ITALIA, il fuoco, la cenere


The Teatrino hosts the screening of the documentary film ITALIA, il fuoco, la cenere (94', 2021), with an introduction by Marco Bertozzi of the IUAV University of Venice, in dialogue with directors Céline Gailleurd and Olivier Bohler.

The documentary explores the origins of Italian silent cinema, a dazzling art and industry, which made the first international stars shine, gave life to the peplum, melò and adventure films, and launched the first filmmakers. Through the original words of those who contributed to and witnessed this aesthetic and cultural revolution, ITALIA, il fuoco, la cenere brings back an era of splendor and the history of a country that would soon fall into the abyss of fascism.

Told by the voice of Isabella Rossellini for the Italian edition, the documentary allows the audience to discover for the first time unknown films, filmmakers and actors who make up an immense part of the history of cinema.