Incroci di Civiltà
Thursday 30 March

Incroci di Civiltà 2023 - Sekiguchi Ryōko

The festival Incroci di Civiltà returns to dialogue with its audience and continues the collaboration with Palazzo Grassi, launched in 2014.

The program includes an extraordinary preview of the meeting with the Japanese author Sekiguchi Ryōko, in conversation with Giorgio Amitrano (Japanese scholar of the University of Naples L'Orientale) and Caterina Mazza (Japanese scholar of Ca' Foscari University).

The conversation will take place in French with simultaneous translation in Italian.

Sekiguchi Ryōko

Sekiguchi Ryōko is a poet, translator, author of prose and nonfiction. Born in Tokyo, she has completed most of her studies in Japan. Interested in poetry since her adolescence, Sekiguchi made her official literary debut in 1988, when she was awarded the prestigious Gendaishi techō award. After completing her PhD in Comparative Literature at the University of Tokyo, in 1997 she moved to France to study art history at the Sorbonne. He currently lives in Paris, where he writes, translates into Japanese and French, and teaches. He has an intense activity of dissemination - journalistic and nonfiction - of Japanese culture, and in particular of its varied and fascinating culinary tradition. From 2021 he directed the collection "Le Banquet" at Philippe Picquier, which collects unpublished Japanese works in which food plays a central role. His entire literary production is permeated by a great cultural sensitivity and an acute ability to write about himself and the process of intercultural translation that underlies his personal life, arousing in the reader deep reflections through a crystalline writing.