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Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 May 2023

Festival dei Matti


The Festival dei Matti is back, a cultural initiative born in 2009 to bring back into the public debate the theme of the relationship between madness and normality and to break down commonplaces and prejudices on a condition that affects the life of each of us.

The thirteenth edition of the Festival, entitled "FRENETICA la spirale che consuma", is held on Saturday 27 and on Sunday 28 May with a calendar of talks, performances and screenings that investigate the effects of the frenetic pace of production and consumption in today’s society and the anxieties that derive from it.

Among the guests: Massimo Cirri, Emanuele Di Niccola, Pierangelo Di Vittorio, Giorgo Falco, Marco Ferrero , Sabrina Ragucci, Marco Rovelli,  Francesco Targhetta, Anna Toscano, Gisella Trincas.

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