Jonathas de Andrade
Close O Peixe [The Fish], 2016, 23’ di Jonathas de Andrade

Cinema Galleggiante

Due to the weather conditions, the screening is postponed to Thursday 31 August.


Palazzo Grassi - Punta della Dogana takes part to the third edition of Cinema Galleggiante - Acque Sconosciute, a cultural event that takes place in the waters behind the island of Giudecca in the Lagoon of Venice, on a floating stage, visible from a private boat or from a floating platform, and presents a series of screenings and performances by international and local authors from 25 August to 10 September 2023.

The 4th Edition of Cinema Galleggiante - Acque Sconosciute investigates inhabitation, the relationship between the human and the non-human, and the anthropic impact on ecosystems. In a line of continuity with respect to the relationship with the other and the unknown, several authors explore the superhuman and the beyond.

Palazzo Grassi - Punta della Dogana presents, as part of the cycle, the film O Peixe [The Fish] (2016, 23') directed by the artist Jonathas de Andrade and part of the Pinault Collection.

Cinema Galleggiante - Acque Sconosciute is a project by Edoardo Aruta and Paolo Rosso presented by Microclima and co-curated by Alessandra Messali, with the aim of giving shape to a collective vision and desire. The audience is invited to venture into the waters of the lagoon, creating an amphibious settlement in close dialogue with the natural elements. 

The complete program of Floating Cinema and the link for reservations will be available on the official website.