attività scuole
Guided tour
Friday 22 September
Palazzo Grassi
Punta della Dogana

Guided tour and activities for teachers


Teachers of all levels are invited to discover the educational offer for the a.s. 2023-24, through visits and workshops to the current exhibitions, "CHRONORAMA. Photographic Treasures of the 20th Century" at Palazzo Grassi and "Icônes" at Punta della Dogana. 

On this occasion teachers, divided by school grade, will be able to follow the workshop activities designed by the Educational Services for different age groups. They will enter the exhibition from the students' point of view, encountering the key themes and experiencing first-hand the relationship with the work of art. Special attention is paid to the Italian L2 and CLIL courses, which have their own round of workshops.

During the afternoon, the staff of the Educational Services are available for any information and customisation.

Activities for schools
Photographs and news stories, celebrities and political struggles: the activities at Palazzo Grassi are an exploration of 20th-century events and lead pupils to reflect on the presence (or absence) of current social issues in the pages of magazines and the glossy press.
At Punta della Dogana, we start with the theme of the icon to reflect on how artists deal with abstract concepts in different languages, making them tangible. The students develop poetic and narrative texts, starting from the works on show.

How to participate
Participation is free. Online registration is required by 21 September 2023. 

Discover the activities for schools